UK and Iceland seek closer seafood ties

TWO major northern hemisphere fishing groups, the Iceland Ocean Cluster in Reykjavik and Seafood Grimsby & Humber, have signed a memorandum of understanding to develop collaboration between the two centres, according to the website

The new partnership, agreed in Reykjavik at the weekend, will undertake to achieve stronger cooperation against the backdrop of Brexit. At least 70 per cent of Grimsby’s fish supply comes from Iceland.

Seafood Grimsby & Humber representative, Simon Dwyer (pictured), addressing the annual Icelandic Seafood Conference in Reykjavik, said: ‘This is a new, exciting and significant step for our organisation. Seeing the Iceland Ocean Cluster vision and set-up in Reykjavik is inspiring.’

Iceland Ocean Cluster chief Thor Sigfusson said: ‘Our mission is to create value by connecting together entrepreneurs, businesses and knowledge in the marine industries.’

Also present at the Reykjavik event were the UK ambassador to Iceland, Michael Nevin, and Iceland’s minister for foreign affairs, Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson.

Nevin said: ‘We welcome this initiative from both parties. There is a strong historical and current trading relationship between Iceland and Grimsby and Humber.

‘This memorandum is evidence of a desire to further strengthen that relationship in advance of the UK leaving the EU.’

Gudlaugur Thor Thordarson added: ‘I welcome the cooperation of these important clusters related to fisheries and trade.

‘The cooperation between the British and Icelanders is very good and it is important to promote it further.

‘The focus of this collaboration on innovation and start-ups is an interesting opportunity for both nations.’


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