The catch value of HB Grandi’s vessels amounted to isk 11.8 billion

The catch value of HB Grandi’s vessels was about 11.8 billion ISK in 2017, a decline of over 15% compared to the previous year. However, total catches increased from almost 142 thousand tonnes to approximately 152,500 tonnes, the increase is due to increased pelagic catch.

The value of the pelagic vessels in 2017 was almost 3.3 billion which is more than 446 million ISK less than in 2016. The catch value of freezer trawlers decreased by 852 million ISK or 14.5% whereas the reduction of volume was 9.3%. The largest value decrease was for wetfish trawlers relatively, or by more than 20%, while the total catches decreased only by 4.5%.

The year 2017 was a particularly different year since the fishermen’s strike was still ongoing when a new year started and the dispute was settled no earlier than mid-February. The strong exchange rate of the Icelandic Krona also had a strong effect on catch value, while in 2017 the Krona appreciated by almost 10% against the Euro and 11.5% against the US Dollar.

Further information and figures on individual ships can be found in the following table.





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