The capelin season is coming to an end

The capelin season in Iceland  is about to end with over 60.000 tonnes remaining of the total allowable catch of 393.000 tonnes. Bad weather and changed behaviour of the capelin has made the fishing extremely difficult as numerous storms have been flogging the country and its fishing grounds this winter.  Good prices have compensated  lower catches than expected.
Only a few ships are still on the fishing ground around Snæfellsnes peninsula in the western part of Iceland, where they are only getting small catches of male. Some of the ships are now turning to the blue whiting fisheries in spite of not having finished their capelin quota.
Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA is topping the list of the capelin boats with 29.000 tonnes this morning, but the boat still has around 6.500 tonnes left in the ocean.  Three other ships have caught more than 20.000 tonnes. Heimaey VE has good 23.000 tonnes, Ingunn AK 21.600 and Börkur NK 20.700 tonnes.
The company Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja has received around 80.000 tonnes this season, which, like with others, is lesser than expected. Stefán Friðriksson, managing director of the company, says it is disappointing not to be able to finish  its quota, but prices for frozen roe, frozen capelin and fishmeal and fishoil have been good.
All the companies ships are still on the fishing grounds but after Easter the will head for the blue whiting.
Picture: Álsey VE one of the ships of Ísfélag Vestmannaeyja. Photo Þorgeir Baldursson.

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