Smarter service

Machinery uptime is key. Marel service helps processors improve profits by focusing on preventative maintenance that systematically maximizes uptime.

The nature of service for the fish processing industry has evolved over the years as processing volumes have grown, consumer demand for quality has increased, food processing across the board has become more hi-tech and there is greater and greater pressure on processors to keep all their machinery running smoothly all the time.

Machinery uptime is key. From keeping cutting blades sharp in order to ensure fast, accurate cutting, to correctly programming software in order to ensure traceability and reliable quality monitoring; by maximizing uptime processors can ensure optimal yield, throughput and quality.


When we talk about service today, we mean more than a visit from one of our service technicians. Marel service focuses on preventative maintenance and aims to avoid downtime whenever possible. Our service team works with fish processors to optimize their production processes; provide remote support, emergency support, spare parts and scheduled maintenance checks; and share its expertise by training employees on site for daily maintenance and to make the most of the Marel systems and solutions.


When it comes to service, proactivity improves the bottom line. A Marel Service Level Agreement (SLA)—such as the SLA with Vega Salmon—provides processors with a systematic, comprehensive service plan that proactively helps maximize uptime. And by maximizing uptime, Marel SLAs improve profits.


Marel is also making its service more convenient by offering customers online ordering of spare parts. So far, the new web shop has all spare parts for the FleXicut—including FleXisort and the system’s high-pressure pump—as well as for the MS 2730 Filleting Machine.

This means spare parts information is easier to access and ordering can be done by browsing manuals and drawings, which helps ensure an accurate, secure order process. All web shop orders for spare parts are given top priority with a convenient track-and-trace delivery service.


Our service team members are highly trained specialists in Marel equipment and many come from a background as technicians in the fish or other food processing industries, which further helps them understand your needs.

Our Innova Food Processing Software service technicians focus on ensuring you get the most use of the software, utilizing all its best features. They know that if you are generating and reviewing the right reports, getting all the relevant information, you’ll be able to run the site to maximum profit.


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