Samherji in major processing investment

SAMHERJI, Iceland’s largest fishing company, has announced it is investing more than 20 million euros, modernising its fish processing facilities at two key sites. It is thought to be the largest such processing operation instigated in Iceland according to the website

The company has engaged the high-tech equipment company Valka to carry out the work, which will take place at its sites in Dalvik by 2019, and upgrade its technology at its plant in Akureyri by the middle of this year.

Samherji said in a press statement: ‘The deal includes numerous machines for the fillet production that cover the entire production process, from filleting to palletised products.

‘The agreement also incorporates many new and innovative features that will streamline processes and improve production.’

Samherji is a vertically integrated seafood company. It controls a significant volume of Iceland’s fishing quota, operates numerous freezer and fresh fish trawlers, as well as multi-purpose vessels, and owns several white fish factories.

It also runs aquaculture, sales, and marketing operations and has extensive interests overseas, including in the UK.

Samherji CEO Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson said: ‘It has been a part of Samherji´s strategy to work closely with Icelandic companies and bring in new technological solutions.

‘Our collaboration with Valka is the latest example of that strategy, and I’m delighted with the outcome.’

Valka CEO Helgi Hjálmarsson said: ‘It has been a privilege to work with really dynamic and progressive Icelandic companies in the creation and advancement of new solutions; it is indisputable that the achievement we’ve attained thus far would not be the same without such collaboration.

‘At Valka, we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this technological development initiated by Samherji.’


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