Saltfish with warm salad

The high season for cod fishing in Iceland is starting soon and therefore we think it is the right time for a nice salad of saltfish and vegetables. It is an easy one, but if it is hard to get the saltfish, one can take a fresh fish fillet and soak it in salt over one night to cure it and get the real taste. This recipe is from the “New Icelandic cookbook”.


400 g saltfish
8 green olives
8 black olives
½ succhini, green
4 cloves of garlic
6 mangetout beans
10 g cashew nuts
1 tomato
1 red onion
½ bell pepper
2 mushrooms
1 apple
1 lollo rosso lettuce
½ spring onion
40 g ginger
2 cl white wine vinegar
4 cl olive oil.


Cut the saltfish into large chunks. Chop the vegetables coarsely except for the lollo rosso. Sauté the vegetables except for lollo rosso, and mix well. Season with white wine vinegar and olive oil. Fry the salt cod in oil. Place lollo rosso leaves in a circle on the plate. Arrange the vegetables neatly on the plate and place the cod on top of it.

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