Roughly 11% decrease in catch values in 2014

According to preliminary data from Statistics Iceland for 2014 the value of catch of the Icelandic fishing fleet has decreased by 10.9% since 2013.
Value of demersal catch was 92 billion ISK in 2014 which is about 1% decrease from 2013. The value of all species except cod decreased from previous year. Cod catch values increased by 11.9% and was 53 billion ISK in 2014.
Flatfish catch values were 7 billion ISK and decreased by 28% from previous year. This is mostly due to 2.6 billion ISK decrease in value of Greenland halibut catch.
The value of pelagic catch decreased by 26.5% from 2013-2014. The value of capelin decreased significantly and was 3.8 billion ISK in 2014 compared to 16.4 billion ISK in 2013. The value of herring catch was 9.5 billion ISK in 2014, which is 10% less than in previous year. Mackerel catch value was 15.3 billion ISK which is similar to previous year. The value of blue whiting catch increased significantly from 3 billion ISK in 2013 to 4.7 billion ISK in 2014.
Shellfish catch value amounted to 3.7 billion ISK in 2014 which is 17.8% decrease from previous year. The value of shrimp catch was 2.5 billion ISK, 29% less than in 2013. The value of lobster catch increased by ca. 29% compared to the year 2013.
Photo: Þorgeir Baldursson


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