Record catch value for Þerney

Factory trawler Þerney RE is due to dock in Reykjavík today. The ship is now steaming home after a successful trip in Norwegian waters. The catch is estimated at 1272 tonnes of raw fish with value of ISK 506 million. That amounts to 3,4 million euros. According to skipper Kristinn Gestsson, this is the most valuable catch of an Icelandic factory trawler after one unbroken fishing trip. spoke to Gestsson yesterday who was very happy with the fishing.
The catch was 1.272 tonnes which yielded 671 one tonnes of products. The trip in the Barentsea took in whole 40 days and 30 days at fishing. 80% of the catch is cod and up to 20% is haddock.
“We were running 45 – 50 tonnes a day through the ships factory and most 60 tonnes. We had some trouble avoiding the haddock in the beginning of the trip since we are only allowed to take a certain percentage of the haddock compared to the cod. Otherwise the fishing was good and the last days of the trip we were only getting spawning cod. Very big fish full of roes,” Gestson said.
All the fish is filleted and skinned on board and frozen for the British market for fish & chips. A fishmeal factory takes care of the rest so nothing is spilled.
Þerney has been fishing a lot in the Barentsea recent years. Last year they made four trips up there, two to the Norwegian EEZ and two into Russian waters. In all they brought fish from there for 1,5 billion Icelandic krónur or good 10 million euros.
Gestsson was happy with the fishing but not the weather. “It was bad weather practically all the time, we had to stop fishing up to 24 hours two times. That makes the heavy work on board even more harder, but the crew is very good and capable of handling both bad weather and a lot of fish,” Gestsson said.
Þerney is operated by Hb Grandi along with other trawlers and pelagic vessels.

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