Processing 550 to 600 tonnes of fish every week

HB Grandi’s groundfish production at its Norðurgarður location has gone well throughout the quota year that is about to end. A staff of around 160 work in production and process approximately 550 to 600 tonnes of saithe, redfish and cod every week.

Production manager Gísli Kristjánsson said in an interview at HB Grandi´s home page that he is satisfied with the way the quota year has worked out, with good fishing and production ashore has been steady.

‘At the beginning of the quota year production in Reykjavík and Akranes were merged to one location at Norðurgarður. Taking this step has been challenging for everyone involved with production ashore, but the merger was very successful and the results have been better than we hoped,’ he said.

HB Grandi has for many years emphasised utilising new technology in processing and part of this development has been to invest further in new equipment when it became clear that the Reykjavík and Akranes production facilities would be merged.

‘At the start of the quota year we invested in a new waterjet cutter for removing bones from redfish fillets, which has performed extremely well. A new packing line for fresh cod and saithe was also acquired in addition to the existing system, and this was a much-needed measure to to increase throughput and the flow of fish through the building,’ Gísli Kristjánsson said, adding that the Norðurgarður factory works a single shift, with a working day of eight, ten or twelve hours. A ten-hour working day is nothing unusual for the staff.

‘This summer we have had close to sixty summer staff working for us. They have done well and there has been plenty to keep everyone busy,’ he said.



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