New international website on Icelandic fisheries

A new international website on Icelandic fisheries, is now being launched. We aim to introduce to the world the activities of the Icelandic fishing industry; the fishing fleet,  fish processing, exporting and numerous technical companies working on innovation and solutions for both fishing and processing.
Iceland is known for its effective fisheries management  built on individual transferable quotas and sustainability. The management has been proven to be very economically productive and effectively preventing overfishing. Therefor several countries around the world have been looking to Iceland for answers and solutions when it comes to good and effective fisheries management.
Iceland is also known for its efficient fishing fleet and fishermen as catch per fisherman is nowhere in world as high as in Iceland. As well is the processing industry in Iceland on top of the world when it comes to the utilization of every caught fish.
The fish processing in Iceland is very technically advanced getting most of their computerized equipment from domestic companies that also export their knowhow and products to the fishing industry all over the world.
It is our aim to bring to those who might be interested in the fishing and processing in Iceland as well as the countries´ exports, a lively picture of those activities and the people behind them which of course are the lungs and heart of the very successful fishing industry. We are the only ones doing this on a daily bases free for all.
The website is open for all. No subscription or registration is needed.
You are all welcome to our website
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Editor Hjörtur Gíslason
Publisher Ólafur M. Jóhannesson

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