Martak is launching a new shrimp peeler

The Icelandic company Martak, based in Grindavík is shortly lauching a new revolutionary shrimp peeling machine. The new machine will use less water and energy than those now already on the market and the yield will also be higher. The new peeler could result in much better outcome in the shrimp peeling industry which now is experiencing very high raw material prices due to lesser catches.
Stefán Tryggvason, the mangaing director of Martak, tells that the new machine is almost ready. It is being assembled and run at the company and will after that be on trial in an Icelandic shrimp factory.
„We are making that much changes from the older types that we will have to run the new machine in real conditions for a few weeks to verify that the outcome is as good as we expect or if we have to make some adjustments to it. Our aim is to present for the market a peeler machine that consumes less electricity and water and will return as good or better yield than older machines. These are the tree most important  factors in the shrimp industry today. The price of both electricity and water are steadily coming up playing bigger role in the running of the factories,“ Tryggvason says.
The machine can equally work on raw and cooked shrimp and that widens the possible market for it. Tryggvason says that they are looking to the Gulf of Mexico, southern Europe and Turky as promising markets.
When it comes to the water consumption of the shrimp factories or any other fish factories Martak is working with a British company in the cleaning of the used water and retrieving proteins from it
Martak is also producing trimming lines for salmon,  so called modular solutions, and has sold the first lines to Britain.
More over Martak is building a new shrimp factory in Quebec Canada.


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