Mackerel all over the surface

There has been good fishing for mackerel in the Reyðarfjörður Deeps and the surrounding area in the last few days. According to Víkingur’s skipper Hjalti Einarsson, fishing was good last week.

Víkingur was on its way to Vopnafjörður with 860 tonnes of mackerel when HB Grandi´s homepage spoke to Hjalti Einarsson. The mackerel was caught in six tows during two days on the fishing grounds. Einarsson expected to be alongside later that evening and Venus was then on its way back to the mackerel grounds.

‘It’s not easy to handle the mackerel as the fish are moving fast. We followed a shoal to the north-east yesterday and they’re swimming so hard that we could hardly keep up. We had a good catch this morning, around 160 tonnes. I hear that things were slower later in the day, but that’s the way mackerel fishing is. It pops up unexpectedly, and then there are fish everywhere, and then they disappear suddenly.’

He said that the mackerel caught off the east coast are large, fine-quality fish.

‘The samples indicate that the average weight is around 430 grammes and it’s excellent fish,’ Hjalti Einarsson said.


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