ICES advises 47% cut in North Sea cod catches

The International Council for the Exploration of the Seas (ICES) has advised a hefty 47% cut to catches of cod in the North Sea, eastern English Channel and Skagerrak region. From an advised catch of 53,058 metric tons in 2018, ICES recommends cutting this to no more than 28,204t according to

However, these numbers may be somewhat academic given ICES has not registered cod catches in these fisheries of more than 5,000t since 2002; 2018’s agreed total allowable catch (TAC) was far lower than ICES’ advice, at 7,995t.

For haddock in the same fisheries, ICES advises a cut of 14% when compared to 2018’s agreed TAC; from 41,767t to 35,761t.

In 2017 and 2018 TAC was cautiously set lower than ICES advice: 33,643t and 41,767t, respectively. In 2016 the TAC was 61,933t.

Landings of haddock have been healthier, but still have not reached TAC in recent years. In 2016 just 30,061t of the 61,933t quota was landed, and in 2017, 29,765t of the TAC.


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