HB Grandi introduces its first Sustanability Report

HB Grandi strives to promote responsibility in all its operations in the use of marine resources and the role it plays in the community. The company has now introduced its first Sustainability Report.

„It is with immense pride that we introduce the very first HB Grandi Sustainability Report. It is not merely the first report published by the company on these issues, but also the first sustainability report published by an Icelandic fishery. HB Grandi strives to promote responsibility in all its operations in the use of marine resources and the role it plays in the community. This is clearly stated in the definition of its policy formulation during the year: Responsible value creation from marine resources.

The Icelandic fisheries management system encourages sustainable fisheries and responsible conduct with regard to marine resources. The healthy condition of our main harvest species shows that we are on the right track. The foundation of our operations has always been to follow the rules that apply to the sector. As is stated in the report, we believe that the responsibility of the company reaches much further than merely the sustenance of the fishing stocks.

We do not view the recent awakening of awareness of the social responsibility of companies as a temporary trend, but rather as an opportunity to strengthen the fundamental values on which the company needs to be based. That is a profitable operation that is beneficial to society at large and has minimal effects on the environment.

Sustainability and its manifestations are not fixed in a system. Company’s responsibility is based on concepts and disclosures, some of which are very recent, and the theories are still being developed. In the same manner, our understanding has been developing in recent years.

The company’s employees are ready for further advancement in the field of sustainability as it must be employed in the company as a whole and thereby must include all its employees. We base our profitable operation on sustainable fishing, which again enables HB Grandi to operate in a way that is beneficial toward society, as well as guarantees all our employees a stable workplace and competitive salaries.

It will take time to map out all the effects of our operations. Companies and societies mutually affect each other. It is extremely important to understand the shared obligations that result from such interactions as well as take advantage of the opportunities that they represent. We are certain that our efforts in this direction will prove beneficial for the company and the community as a whole, although there are no concrete guidelines and we will have to map our way as we go along.“


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