Halibut soup

The halibut is a great fish, both in volume and value. It is mainly fished in the Northern Atlantic by countries like Iceland, Norway, Alaska and Canada. The stock in Iceland is vulnerable and do direct fishing is allowed. But a bit of the halibut comes a shore as a bycatch and end up on our plates.
The halibut soup is an old traditional recipe varying a bit between households and families. This recipe comes from The new Icelandic Cookbook. The chef is Garðar Agnarsson and the recipe is for two.


200 g halibut
2 dl fish stock
1 egg yolk
½ dl cream
5 prunes


Boil the halibut in fish stock with prunes. Remove the fish from the bones. Thicken fish stock without the prunes. Sieve the stock. Stir together egg yolk and cream and add to the stock. The soup must not boil. Cut the halibut in pieces and place in the soup together with the prunes.


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