Good landings in Grindavík

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Landings of cod in Iceland have been pretty good this season, in spite of very harsh weather this winter. The bigger auto line boats  are regularly landing  around 80 tonnes each a week and the smaller boats, fishing with longline or gillnets come inn every day with 7 to 17 tonnes, when the weather permits. Some of them have had to load twice a day.
There are lots of activities these days in the fishing town Grindavík where fish is landed all day long. Early his morning  auto liners Ágúst and Auður Vésteins were landing  good catches. The smaller boats are fishing on the rich fishing ground out of Grindavík but the bigger auto liners and the trawl boats  go longer out.
Most of the fish is being processed by the big fishing companies in Grindavík such as Þorbjörn, Vísir, Stakkavík and Einhamar. They are processing fresh fish and salted for exports. Some of the landed fish goes to the auction market in Grindavík and some of it goes directly to fish factories in other places.
The fishing year in Iceland starts the first of September and the fishing for the main species as cod is spread pretty evenly from the autumn to the summer to ensure even flow to the main markets in Europe. This morning the cod catch was good 118.000 tonnes of gutted fish but total allowable catch this fishing year in 171.000 tonnes gutted fish. The catch now is there for 69% of the TAQ.
The pictures show landing from the boat Guðbjartur. Photos Hjörtur Gíslason

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