Good catches in February

The total catch of Icelandic vessels was over 222 thousand tonnes in February 2015,  an increase of 120 thousand tonnes compared to February 2014. Demersal catch was similar between years but the capelin catch increased significantly, was 180 thousand tonnes compared to 56 thousand tonnes in February 2014.
At constant prices, the volume of catch increased by 34,4% in February 2015 compared with February 2014.
According to the Statistics Iceland the catch in February last year was 103.000 tonnes so the increase is more than twofold. Catches of demersal species were around 40.000 tonnes which is practically the same as in February 2014 in spite of very harsh weather this winter.
Cod catches now totalled 25.000 tons which is an increase of 6,7%. Catches of haddock continue at very low levels or only good 4.100 tonnes. There was an increase of 20% in the saithe fishing which reached 3.500 tonnes. Huge decrease was in the redfish catches which fell from 5.800 tonnes down to 4.200 tonnes.
As often before it is the capelin that makes the difference with 180.000 tonnes up from 56.000 in the same month last year. Catch of other pelagic species was very little, only 2.700 tonnes of blue whiting and 10 tonnes of Icelandic herring.


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