Get more quota for building new vessels

Russian Fishery Company (RFC) has revealed it is to be awarded new quotas in pollock, herring, cod and haddock, thanks to its latest investment in vessels and a factory according to

Following a recent quota auction, RFC has announced plans to build four new fishing vessels for the “Far Eastern Fishery Basin” and a coastal plant in the “Northern Fisheries Basin”.

Via the quota auction, and the country’s investment quota scheme, RFC said it would receive more than 80,000 metric tons of additional pollock and herring quota for the vessels. The plant would also see its cod and haddock quota increased by 1,000t, it said.

The company had previously announced its intention to build further vessels, but the latest auctions allowed it to determine its investment in four vessels and a new plant, a company spokesperson explained. “Everything depended on the results of the auction.”

“The results of the auction open up opportunities for expanding the RFC
investment program, which is being actively implemented today,” said RFC CEO Fedor Kirsanov.

“We have already made significant progress in the construction of a series of six supertrawlers, as well as two fish processing plants, quotas for which were fixed in the previous rounds of the investment quota program,” Kirsanov added.

“Today we can confidently talk about the effectiveness of the mechanism of investment quotas, thanks to which domestic shipbuilding is being revived, the construction of onshore processing facilities is being updated, the fishing fleet that has been waiting for this for several decades is being updated.”

New vessels will be built at the Admiralty Shipyards in St. Petersburg, where today
a series of six vessels for RFC is already under construction. Each of the vessels is
designed to catch and process more than 50,000t of fish per year.

The first of the trawlers will be commissioned in 2021.

Construction of a cod and haddock processing plant with a design capacity of at least 25t of product per day is planned in Murmansk, where today RFC and Agama Group are building the “Russian Cod” enterprise with a capacity of over 50t per day.

Altogether now RFC plans to build 10 vessels and three plants under the state investment quota program.

At the end of April the company announced that installation of whitefish processing equipment at the new factory owned by RFC and Agama had commenced.

“Russian Cod” is expected to begin operations in September 2019, and products from the factory should be on shelves this year, said RFC. Retailers have already begun stocking pollock fillets sold under the pair’s joint brand Agama-Nordeco.

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