Enormous increase in exports of fresh fillets and fillet portions 

Matís Fresh_Fish_Export
One of the largest and most valuable change in exports in the last 10-20 years is the significant increase by the Icelandic seafood industry in the production of fresh fillets and fillet portions. Since 1997 the export of these products nearly quadrupled in tonnage from being about 9,000 tons to almost 34,000 tons in 2013. And of additional interest is the fact that this is happening to a great extent through shipments by sea rather than air according to Matís, Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D company.
In the year 2000, over 500 tons of fresh fillets were exported with ships but in 2013 this figure is over 15,000 tons, or just under one-half of all exports.
“Changes of this magnitude do not occur due to one factor only. Those of us who are investigating why these changes occur, are quite convinced that increasing commitment in recent years to research and development in the fishing industry, is a major player. In cooperation with the fishing industry, whether it be fishing vessels, production and packaging units or even transportation companies, a valuable know-how has been established over the last decades. A know-how on fishing methods, chilling, packaging and transport has been established, a know-how that results in highest quality of fish and fish products from Iceland.
This is one of many examples of how the Icelandic government, Icelandic industry and Icelandic academia work together for a greater good,” it says at the homepage of Matís,   http://www.matis.is/english/news/nr/4319



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