Designed to keep fish alive on board

The NOK 400 million ($48m) trawler Vard Group is building for Havfisk — Norway’s largest fishing company and part of Leroy Seafood Group — will have a new feature to improve the quality of fish it catches and processes according to

Havfisk’s 80×17-meter order, which will be delivered from Vard Soviknes yard in the first quarter of 2020, will be able to keep fish alive in tanks, before electrical stunning and processing, said Webjorn Barstad, CEO of Havfisk.

Vard has developed and delivered four vessels for Havfisk, Gadus Poseidon, Gadus Njord and Gadus Neptun in 2013 and 2014 and Nordtind in January 2018. The new vessel will have the same basic design as Nordtind, but it’s “developed more, especially on the receiving end’, Barstad told Undercurrent News.

“We are planning on keeping the fish alive in tanks, so that every fish is slaughtered from a live condition. So, the quality will be much higher. We will be able to produce all fish of the same quality as the first one [processed],” he said.

Also, the vessel will be the first trawler worldwide to come with a hybrid battery solution, “for peak shaving”, Barstad told Undercurrent.

“You have electrical peaks, when you hit the winches, for example. You regenerate energy from your winches when you shoot them. We are doing this on the Nordtin and Gadus vessels, but we then supply power to the grid and have to use it immediately. Here we can store it in a battery. It’s all about energy saving,” he said.


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