Delicious cod with curry mayonnaise

Cod and cod again. That is not a problem. You never get too much of cod. The only thing to take care of is variety in cooking. And cod can be cooked in a million ways. Here is one of the good ways to cook the cod. It comes from Sweden and is very delicious.


Pickled vegetables:

0.5 dl vinegar 12%

2 dl of water

1 dl sugar

1 tablespoon of yellow mustard seeds

1 cauliflower small

1 carrot

½ red onions

Fried cod:

4 cod fillets about 150 g each


1 dl of wheat flour

2 beaten eggs

1 dl bread crumbs

Curry mayonnaise:

2 pieces of soft-boiled egg

½ apple

1 dl mayonnaise

1 dl crème fraîche

2 tablespoons capers

1 teaspoon of curry

2-3 tablespoons finely chopped chives and dill

black pepper

butter and rapeseed oil for frying

For serving

boiled potatoes

fresh dill



Boil vinegar with water and sugar. Add the mustard seeds. Cut cauliflower into smaller pieces. Scale and slice carrot thinly with potato peel. Scale and slice the onion. Remove the pot from the plate. Put the vegetables in the pot and leave for at least 30 minutes.

Salt the fish a little easily around. Turn the fish pieces first into wheat flour, then in beaten eggs and finally in bread crumbs. Put the fish aside.

Scale and chop the eggs. Put in a bowl and add apple, mayonnaise, crème fraiche, cap rice, curry and herbs. Mix, taste with salt and pepper.

Heat a frying pan with butter and oil. Stir the fish at medium temperature until it is pierced and given fine colour, a couple of minutes per side.

Serve the fish with freshly cooked potatoes, dill, lemon, sauce and pickled vegetables.

Tip: Pickled vegetables are good to prepare. Keeps at least one week in the fridge.


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