Catches in line with the TAC

Good 60% of the TAC of cod in Iceland has been taken of the group of bigger vessels at the first half of the fishing year. That is almost the same as last year, only 0.4% less. After the first quarter of the fishing year the cod catch of this fleet was 85.800 tonnes compared to 84.000 tonnes the previous year. This shows a good stability in the fishing and that catches are in line with the Total allowable catches.
When it comes to the haddock the catch is 13.400 tonnes, which is 58% of the TAC compared to 47% last year according to information from the Directorate of Fisheries. An explanation of higher percentage now is lower TAC this year.
At the same time the fleet of smaller boats had taken 49% of their cod TAC compared to 48% last year. The catch was 15.000 tonnes be the mid fishing year which 500 tonnes more than the previous year. The small boat catch of haddock has gone considerably up in spite of lower quotas. After the first 6 months of the fishing year the catch was 5.500 tonnes and that is 80,5% of the TAC compared to 72,4% last year. The fishermen have been complaining a lot over the low TAC in the haddock and claim that there is much more of haddock on the fishing grounds than the scientists say. There for they are having considerable trouble avoiding the haddock when fishing for cod.
Total catches of the Icelandic fishing fleet after the first 6 months of the fishing year at the end of February were 646.000 tonnes. At the same time last year the catches were 501.000 tonnes. That is 145.000 tonnes, or 29%  more. The explanation is mainly in big increase in capelin catches from 111.000 tonnes to 352.000 tonnes.
Cod catches this fishing year were 4.000 tonnes less than at middle of the last fishing year. Catches og haddock were also down, 5.100 tonnes or 24% due to lesser TAC.
Catches of pelagic species went sharply up in the period or from 245.000 tonnes to 421.000 due to more catches of capelin. Other pelagic species are mackerel, herring and blue whiting.
Cathes of crustaceans were 1.000 tonnes less than the previous period mainly because of lesser catches of shrimp.
The picture shows landing of line caught haddock and cod in the harbour of Grindavík in Iceland. Photo Hjörtur Gíslason.

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