Capelin season in Barents Sea over

The catching of capelin in the Barents Sea is now terminated, but it was another splendid week for blue whiting according to Norges Sildesalgslag.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
On Wednesday, this season’s last catch of capelin was taken. The last catch was taken north of Hjelmøy island. The quality was still well suited for roe production, even if a smaller part already had been spawning.
Thus, the season is now terminated, a season with high volumes along the coast, at least in the west part of Finnmark county and further southwest. What happened in the eastern part of Finnmark, is unknown, but early in the season, a research vessel observed capelin north of the town of Vardø. There are no accounts of what then happened.
As mentioned previously, the capelin has been rather small this season, mixed catches had as an average, some 49 pcs/kg. The small size has influenced the price level, though, other factors have also played a part.
Of the total volume – 123.600 MT, some 33.000 MT have been registered for indirect consumption.

Blue whiting
It did not come as a surprise that last week came out as the best week so far this season. 58.450 MT were registered, and 32 vessels have participated.
During the first part of the week, the operations were north the Porcupine Bank. Later, the activity moved further north to Rockall and St. Kilda. On Sunday, some vessels were catching at 56⁰ N, west of 12⁰ W, – some vessels also in the area 55⁰ N and 13⁰ W. Another part of the fleet moved further southwest to the west edge of the “bank” some 53⁰ N 30’, west of 14⁰ W. It was favorable conditions in this area as well.
In addition, a couple of vessels have stopped at the edge of St. Kilda. From this position, it has also been reported good results. In other words, there is catching going on from the Porcupine Bank to St. Kilda.
On shore, there has been deliveries over a huge area from Killybegs to Iceland in the west part, to Norway and Denmark in the east part. From a volume point of view, about the same quantity has been delivered in Norway and Denmark, while to the westerly plants, some 6.000 MT have been delivered. Following the good fishing and even more volume to follow in days to come, we anticipate some waiting time at the plants.

Horse mackerel
Three vessels reported horse mackerel last week. Altogether, it was caught 103 MT in the communities of Tysvær and Sveio. The size; 485 -500 g, and all has been delivered to Skude Fryseri.


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