Bacon wrapped monkfish

Monkfish is truly one of the uglier fish we eat, but still one of the finest fish to enjoy. It has a very big head and a mouth, that can swallow even bigger fishes than themselves and teeth to hold them.  The body is relatively small compared to the head and only it’s tail is eaten. The monkfish is spread all over the Northern Atlantic and is after sought in Europe. We found this very good recipe at BBC’s website but it originates from the Good Food Magazine.


400g monkfish tail, sliced into 2 fillets
2 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves stripped
12 rashers (about 140g/5oz) dry-cure rindless smoked streaky bacon
2 large tomatoes, halved
3-4 tbsp vinaigrette
225g bag watercress
and salad leaves


Lay 1 monkfish tail fillet on a board, sprinkle with thyme leaves and season. Lay the other fillet on top with tapering tip in the opposite direction, so each end has one thick and one thin end butted together.

Lay the bacon on a board, slightly overlapping and put the monkfish in the centre. Wrap the fish in the rashers so that it holds together quite firmly.

Heat the grill for 3-5 mins. Line the grill pan, lay the monkfish on it, with the bacon joins underneath.

Grill for about 7-10 mins until the bacon starts to crisp, then carefully turn over and cook for another 7-10 mins. At the same time, grill the tomato halves. As soon as the monkfish feels firm when pressed on top, remove and leave to stand for 5 mins. Save any pan juices from the paper and drizzle into the vinaigrette. Cut the monkfish into medallions, slightly on the diagonal. Dress the watercress salad with the vinaigrette and juices and divide between four plates. Place monkfish on top, season with pepper and serve tomatoes alongside. Nice with baby new potatoes.

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